Years ago my mother found this egg on an antique hunting trip. She said it was a rare find, and the egg was added to my “dowry,” the items that were to go with me when I married. Some of these finds were kept in the “hopeless” chest that her father had given to her. The “hopeless” chest was what my grandfather called my mother’s hope chest. It was funny at the time but captures a certain energy that was also my inheritance. As an aside, the concept of a hope chest is an old custom and meant to keep young women focused on a future marriage.

Both my sister and I were presented with similar eggs, for our future house decor. Sometimes what is seen as valuable by someone else is perplexing and, if received as a gift, may be appreciated but only held onto out of respect for the giver and for the implication of value. Many years later, these eggs are cherished by my sister and I for what they represent to us and not for their questionable, perceived value and our sense of duty. We see the eggs as priceless treasures, visual reminders of our mother’s deep love, and the inheritance that we’ve overcome.

I wish to pass on, to anyone whose interested, a version of these mystical eggs. This blog represents a way of being in the world that is particular to me and my journey. I hope it can be helpful.

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