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Mary Queen of Heaven
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Inclusive Catholic Church, where all are welcome at the table.

You are worthy as you are! Hold all doubts with love!

Our church honors each person’s path to uncover their own divine connection to God.

Our church offerings are for those who have traditional, sacramental Catholic needs as in Baptism, Anointing of the Sick, Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Marriage.

Our church offerings are also for those who wish to explore their next steps in spirituality.  Jesus’ teachings and the other sacred teachings in the Bible light our path.

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Priest to Priestesst Title

Great to greatest…priest to priest-est….When we view the word “priest” as a verb it turns into an action and not an identity; we can add a modifier and it turns into something that we can become better at doing.  Women priests are called to actively priest in our communities and that very may well look different than what is normally thought of as priestly functions of today. This is because women priests are called to act in a shared leadership with community. It is a leadership that:

Appreciates that each person has a right to self-direction and independence,
Recognizes that there are no souls more special than others,
Lifts up rather than beats down those with differing opinions, and
Creates an environment of shared decision making in planning community activities.

You won’t find cover-ups, old boy clubs, and hierarchical positioning (clericalism).


The Blessed One…said… “the Child of Humanity is within you…those who seek it will find it.”

(Mary 4:1)


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That which isn’t lived, isn’t redeemed. 

Jean-Yves Leloup, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene




Time to Make Space for Women

Time to Make Space for Women

The Holy Spirit compels me to ask that all of you understand that men do not have the decision-making authority over women, anything about women, including the functions of their body…including their decisions to be ordained as priests. Men have the responsibility to...

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Thecla and Paul

Thecla and Paul

I choose to approach this post as if Thecla was a real person (as was Paul) and that her story really happened even though there is speculation that indicates otherwise.  The Yale professor, Dale B. Martin from his Lecture, “The “anti-household” Paul,” indicates that...

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