Mary’s Magnificat Prayer – Luke (1:46-55) JCS (Modified from The Message, NIV, and myself by using female pronouns for God, updating from my direct experience, prayerful meditation, and for modern understanding):


And Mary said,


“God’s magnificent unfolding in my soul has been recognized; I stand up with joy and dance to the rhythm of the song of God who opens my eyes and frees me!


I sat with deep compassion for others, then looked compassionately at myself with truth in action, and was rewarded with a shimmering wave of God’s love for me!  All my pain evaporated! All my future efforts are now blessed.


What God has done for me, I will never forget, holy is her name.


Her healing mercy flows to the drumming of a steady rain,

infinitely filling the barrel that sustains her house, as long as the door remains open.


She took bold actions by choosing a path forbidden to her by men;

She scattered the arrogant internal hierarchy.


She has given understanding to rulers who slinked away from their thrones,

And she helped true victims to stand and move on.


She has filled the poor with how to navigate the impossible;

and left the rich to their own empty devices.


She embraced her true way of being in the world,

by teaching her children the strength of a kindness

that can mean embracing or walking away.


She remembered to always err on the side of compassion, and kept reminding her children that everything was going to be alright and that each new experience is an opportunity to learn.


It’s exactly what she promised from the beginning right up to now and forever more.”

(You can also revise it to be gender neutral. We are all images of God.)


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