No one, especially and including any clergy who participates in a systemic form of domination, can consecrate anyone else to the Heart of Our Mother.  The origin of this idea is thought without heart from the powerful or a plea of mercy from the enslaved.

Consecration to Our Mother’s Heart happens as a result of an act of companionship, accompaniment, undertaken only after one has fully consecrated and continually consecrates oneself to Mary’s Heart and only when someone else asks.  You can share your story, your journey, to Her Heart.  You can invite others to sit at your table without judgement, but in order for the consecration to occur the other must say ‘yes’ to the invite and choose to be open, and not to the person or people who invited them to the table but directly to Mary’s Heart.

A consecration also cannot be by done by coercion as in someone with more resources proposing a consecration because the acceptance of help is not a true path to consecration.  Even a spoken acceptance of consecration would not be from a place of free will. This is because the acceptance comes from a feeling of indebtedness that stems from poverty and not the friendship that comes from shared experiences and a feeling of equality of spirit.

This unbalanced thinking comes from “the fall” which is the fall of the angels in Genesis.  The angels took human women. Some translations say they “married” women.  But a marriage so unbalanced is unholy and even unjust if there is no strong effort to fix the power differential in the greater world.  True marriage can only happen when both parties enter into it under an equality of spirit, a balanced scale.  But can marriage ever be seen as anything but less than true if our greater society perpetuates inequality among men and women?  If our society continues to force women to birth, raise children, and caregive without the option to do so independently when cooperation is not forthcoming and unconditional?

We should always work for a balance in every interaction, regardless of how seemingly small, including in silence.  How can we gage when we do this?  We feel the motion of it in our hearts.  It is knowledge of the heart.  True marriage only happens between God and embodied spirit.  Two embodied spirits can strive towards this end: to bring God closer to all human interactions.  If someone isn’t genuinely trying with another, they aren’t bound by any contract or agreement to continue to be hurt by the other because we live in an imperfect society.  Binding people like this is not of God.  Those in positions of authority are never judges for contracts of between men and women especially if they are not diligently working towards making the overall society more equal for all.  And this does not mean making it harder for women to get abortions.  It means making society better, less violent, so that no would want an abortion if they had the choice.  The mother, or caregivers, of the vulnerable need to have free will, the power to say ‘no’ to poor treatment by other humans and the freedom to be only a mother as a choice, not dependent on serving the wants of a man, or an employer, who doesn’t pay for her time to raise children for a society that demands their children’s labor.  This does not exist anywhere for anyone.

So, the only binding or consecration that is of God is what each of us individually chooses to do with God in our hearts and not another human.  It is incumbent upon us to care for others in a way where we serve them, keep them from worldly misery, and not by forcing them to submit to our ways.  By consecrating our own hearts to Mary’s Heart, we help to consecrate the world one heart at a time.  Jesus was first known to Mary in Her Heart.

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